Saturday, September 24, 2016

Everlane Upends Fashion's Pricing Strategy

Everlane is a six-year old web-based fashion brand that specializes in logo free essentials.  I know, I know... what the hell is so special about some upstart fashion brand on the internet? They're one of a million.

Initially, I thought the same thing myself.  On first glance, their shop looks like every other online clothing store with pictures of models, prices and the all important add to cart button.  But after clicking around a bit, I noticed their amazing infographics on their product pages. These are what separate Everlane  from those other million brands.

To be fair, it all starts with Everlane's dedication to transparency. The infographic with itemized costs of each item are the helpful bi-product.

This isn't so helpful for other retailers however.  Everlane's open book pricing strategy repositions their brands as overpriced and effectively challenging consumers' widely held notion that higher prices equate to better quality (that's right, they disclose their factories too).

Everlane's strategy is a bold one; but also one that works.  It's impossible to look at their transparent pricing and not have flashbacks of sticker shocks at their competitors; thus making a very compelling pitch to place an order.

For more good stuff on the this disruptive brand, check out this terrific interview with their founder Michael Preysman on The Unconventionals (a PJA podcast).

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