Saturday, April 16, 2016

Waitrose Delivers Same-Day Fresh Ads To Customers

Yesterday, the British grocery chain Waitrose, debuted a fascinating campaign that give their customers a highly unfiltered lens into the environments that their products are raised in. To do so, they will equip live cows and chickens with GoPro cameras and use the footage to run produce advertising that will run the same day it was shot.

I'm very impressed by Waitrose's effort and execution of producing live-feed or same-day produced advertising.  This time aspect to their advertising is especially critical to the credibility of the campaign and certainly a lot of brands would not make this additional investment.

Having nothing to hide, the untampered lens behind the curtain will definitely build Waitrose's credibility in terms of their food sourcing with customers...assuming of course there are not any unwanted discoveries in the process.

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