Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Real Help For Realtors

Two years ago, I sat in an interview with a couple of real estate agents and the president of their company and suggested ideas (upon request) that they could use to improve their marketing and client relations.  I offered what is really some pretty basic stuff about showing people how much they matter since it is a quintessential business build on referrals.  The result of this meeting, which happen to be a second interview for an gig they were advertising, was that they never me called back.  Not a single a word.

This cold shoulder I received left enough of an impression that I'll will never choose a Comey & Shepherd agent to represent me for any future real estate deal I make.  Even though such an exchange or lack there of has more to do with common courtesy than it does shrewd marketing, it ultimately led to an impact on their business.

Real estate agents aren't (generally) bad people.  However, I believe they aren't (generally) great marketers either (in fairness, the job combines several different necessary skill sets). 

A week ago, I received an email from an agent I've been working with on the purchase a new home.  It reads: "Dear Alex, Now's the time to be swift. I can get you on track to sell your home quickly and efficiently"
The problem I have with this email is that I currently rent and this agent knows this.  Sure, this isn't the world's first case of a overzealous marketing that leads to a customer being spammed with an irrelevant message.  However, it's a prime example of what I was preaching about two years ago - the real estate business is best conducted at a more personal level.  

Sadly, a halfhearted attempt by marketers at personalization is really worse than no attempt it at all.  When personalization flops, it signals to the customer the opposite of the intended message - how unimportant they are.
Finally, not to rail on the real estate agents but I have a couple other marketing gripes from this industry that I must get off my chest.  First, every (that's a unscientific calculation) agent I've encountered seems to be passing out business cards with a photo that's at least a decade old.  Secondly, during these times of online listings with unlimited characters, simply copying and pasting the  abbreviations and incomplete sentences that are used in print publications to the online medium demonstrates a lack of concern/awareness for the happy details.
Sweet Home! Well cared for! 1st Fl Master Suite! Open LR/DR. Gas FP! Side Porch. Hdwd Flrs! Large Equipt Galley Kit/Wood Cabnts. Spacious 2nd Flr Bdrms, WIC/Study! Large LL Rec Room! New Ovrsized Garage! Replcmnt Winds, Glass Block! roof'14
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