Monday, February 9, 2015

Breaking Down Which Budweiser Ad Is Better?

The Budweiser brand is synonymous with advertising during the big game, producing such memorable spots as the "Bud Bowl," "Wassup," the Budweiser "Frogs" and "Puppy Love."  This year the brand followed up on its viral hit from 2014 with another beloved spot staring a Labrador, "Lost Dog."

However, my love goes out to Bud's other spot, "Brewed The Hard Way."  The ad certainly won't win any awards for its special affects, heartfelt sentiment or plain ole' likeability, but it will definitely motivate the King's loyal subjects.

What the offended masses tweeting @Budweiser are misunderstanding is that this spot wasn't produced to put an end to craft beer or even get craft beer lovers to have a taste of their dad's beer but rather to rally those already drinking it.  That's exactly what this ad will do.

Budweiser simply cannot act like a craft brew.  It's not small batch, wild-flavors, different formulas, seasonal and in most corners of the world, local.  In order to survive, it must carve out a position where size is perceived to be to its advantage. "Brewed The Hard Way" is at the very least an unapologetic step in that direction. 

Even Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams and pioneer of the craft beer category recently discovered how fickle the craft-brew culture can be to show some love to one of the big boys.

So the best strategy is to not even give them a taste.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic and any other interesting marketing-related musings

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