Monday, December 29, 2014

An Honest Airfare

The most respected brands are those that are upfront with customers about everything they do.  A sale isn't good enough.  The real goal goal should be having customers feel good about the sale.  When you don't do this, customers end up feeling taken.  

This is how I feel every time I shop for an airline ticket.  It's a purchase process that appears to be based on slight of hand as much as it is supply and demand.  And even though I typically wind up buying the ticket anyway, I'm always left feeling uneasy about it.  I wonder if I really received the best fare I could. The ultra-urgent "only one left at this price" provides zero reassurance to this as everything beyond remains a mystery.        

What if it wasn't?  Perhaps there's an opportunity for an airline to change the game and be straight up with consumers about how it's flights are priced.  Consider the loyalty an airline could earn by helping consumers make a more informed decision - displaying the price of each ticket and the rate they're selling at.

There downside to this system is losing flexibility to react to swings in demand.  However, the upside would might be more loyal customers (read:refuse to shop elsewhere), book earlier and feel better about their purchase because the guesswork on their end has been eliminated.  It's a truer system of supply and demand because the customer is also in on the secret.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic and any other interesting marketing-related musings

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