Monday, October 6, 2014

Shout-out to Jimmy John's

The smallest things can impress a customer. 

A quick example.  Fast food is full of forgettable service, but last week, I experienced a Jimmy John's employee giving full effort at the end of the night when it would have been really easy to just go through the motions.  I was impressed enough to share this quick note.

Good evening,

I just want to send a quick kudos to an employee that made a recent Jimmy John's experience a memorable one.  On October 1, I visited the Red Bank Road location at approximately 9 pm.  When I walked in I was a bit surprised when I was the fourth person waiting in line - I had figured it was late and I'd be the only customer looking for a bite at this hour. 

But Jimmy John's employee Jordan (per the receipt) really shined in this opportunity to delight customers.  It appeared as if she was the only employee in the building at the time and she really hustled to get all the customers orders taken and made with the same speed they're used to.  My wait was very short and I really appreciated it. 

She deserves recognition for this moment because, as everyone has experienced themselves, it's quite normal in the service industry for employees to cringe or sigh when customers walk in at the end of the night after the cleaning has begun.

Truly appreciate the her effort and great attitude... a pleasant surprise that won't soon be forgotten.


Alex Villeneuve
Her effort made all the difference in my experience that night.  Let's not forget that it's moments like these by employees like Jordan that validate Jimmy John's brand positions like "freaky fast."

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