Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Adam Richman Promoting Wal-Mart Is A Big Fat Lie

Adam Richman made his fortune pandering to America's most gluttonous sensibilities as the former television host of Man vs. Food.  The gig put Richman on the map as America's most benevolent  wannabe carnivore and subsequently a leading protagonist of our irresponsibly indulgent culture.

Richman spun off his work as America's most beloved binge eater into a job endorsing questionable food choices from Wal-Mart, disguised under the cloak of summer grilling tips courtesy of America's largest retailer.  In this paradoxical ad, a noticeably slimmer Richman uses his "burger lover" credentials to sell the public some of the artery-filling red meat he's clearly been cutting back on.   

For Richman, promoting the crap that he chooses to no longer stuff down his face is basically a bunch of bull.  He makes no secret of how proud he is of his new slimmer self during a now infamous, ego stroking Instagram post about having take in his suit a little.  Yet, Richman doesn't mind cashing the checks he's earned from shilling the stuff that made him fat in the first place to others.

It's without question that his responses to peoples during his rant were, at best, crude and distasteful.  Eventually, they will be forgiven.  But Adam Richman was the wrong choice before his ugly Instagram rant. It's similar to having Jared Fogel sell pies for Pizza Hut; a blatant farce in the faces of the consumers.    

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