Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brutally Honest Oberto Builds Its Case Against Hydration

I recently took notice of a new advertising campaign for Oberto Beef Jerky and its line of all-natural beef jerkies.  Although the campaign received bits of notoriety for hiring the boisterous Richard Sherman to give his endorsement, I took note for a different reason - its product positioning as a healthy, post workout snack.

Traditionally, beef jerky isn't known for it's nutritional value; however, it does have one very favorable asset backing up its positioning - a high concentration of protein.
On the other hand, Oberto's advertising opening down plays the role of hydration in an athlete's workout regimen, as Sherman's "little voice" inside his stomach complains of being waterlogged.  Consequently, the brand exposes one of its biggest weaknesses - an impossibility for anyone to become waterlogged while eating Oberto Beef Jerky due to the amount of sodium in the product.  In fact, one serving (1 oz) of Oberto's Applewood Smoked Bacon flavor contains 28% of the daily recommended allowance of sodium.  The entire bag has 2.5 servings for 70 percent of a single day's sodium.  Meanwhile, the lowest amount of sodium one can find per serving in any of Oberto's All-Natural jerkies is 17% of a daily allowance.
With equal parts upside and downside, it's an interesting campaign that's left me debating whether Oberto is being brutally honest with consumers or simply hoping they don't see the back of the bag or realize that it's really salty.

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