Monday, May 5, 2014

Nationwide Makes An Interesting Claim For An Insurance Company

Although this ad is a few months old, I happen to catch it for the first time this weekend and while not the flashiest or most compelling ad ever, I was immediately struck by its (unassumingly) major claim against their competition.  They can take care of customers better because they don't have shareholders.  Essentially, they're saying, they're not in the business of maximizing profit.  They take a pay cut to serve customers better.

Not sure of this is cause for suspicion, but this incredibly gigantic statement was matter-of-factly rolled into an ad for new product replacement when, if true, is a fantastic marketing proposition.  It answers insurance shoppers' question of "why is Nationwide better?"

Despite being well-understated, it's a rare feat in marketing today to provide an actual reason for why one brand is better than the next - and that by itself is enough for damn good ad.

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