Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Musical Marketing Experiment

When something isn't working, you got to try something different.  While this sentiment sound a bit elementary, a lot of businesses get stuck in their ways, even if their way doesn't work anymore.  To innovate their way out of any rut, one must experiment.

It's very interesting to see the experimentation going on in the music industry currently. 

Jay-Z partnered with Samsung to sell his last album. 

Beyonce released a surprise album on iTunes with zero promotion.  Surprises get people talking.  This is a far too underutilized tactic.  

Beck streamed his latest work to airline passengers for free through Gogo Inflight Internet. 

The Wu-Tang Clan recently announced that it will sell only one copy of it's next album.  Scarcity will create something unique and special.  Also far too underutilized.

Talib Kweli recently created a direct-to-fan distribution channel, cutting out the middle man and selling his latest album, Gravitas, directly to his fans on 

I'm sure there are tons more examples of great marketing for music and art. Although this recent trend has the potential to turn gimmicky, the pioneers of these unconventional methods deserve the attention that doing things differently typically brings.

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