Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Smirnoff's Ironic Pitch

Smirnoff recently launched a new campaign that touts its vodka  as, interestingly, "exclusively for everyone."

This is an odd pitch for a brand fighting for its share of mind in the entirely over-crowded vodka category.  While the jag is that other vodka brands are uber-serious and constantly pitching consumers on their heritage or status defining qualities, Smirnoff is trying to be the opposite, not taking life to seriously just trying to have a good time.  However, Smirnoff ironically hires celebrities (Adam Scott and Alison Brie) to communicate with this everyman strategy common folk. 

Although Smirnoff "exclusively for everyone" tagline is taken as satirical, it doesn't actually claim a position by simply mocking the competition.  Thus, the only reason Smirnoff gives consumers to choose it over another vodka is that it's just not that one. Therefore, Smirnoff's "exclusively for everyone" position remains undefined.  What exactly is "everybody" looking for in their vodka that Smirnoff is  bringing to their glass?

Without this answer, Smirnoff will wind up exclusively for nobody. 

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