Thursday, April 24, 2014

MillerCoors Is Official Beer of FX Network

AdAge reported this week that MillerCoors signed a three-year pact with FX Networks to be their "official" beer.  Thus, MillerCoors brands will be the only beer brands popping up during television shows airing on FX, FXX and FXM, with the exception of shows that currently have deals with other breweries.

What really makes this industry tidbit interesting is that it signals a change to how some marketers are approaching product placements today.  Previously, the tactic was considered advantageous because it cut out the noise but also blended in as well.  These marketers were no lonnger competing with the fray during ad breaks but becoming an accessory of the show, thus, helping it to mimic real life.  Networks exchanged an underground-endorsement for authenticity.

Yet, there is something very inauthentic about exclusive-rights endorsement deals.  When a viewer watches a television character walk into a bar that only carries MillerCoors brands, not to mention plenty of camera time for the logo (labels out!), it simply comes off as the same influential noise that's running during ad breaks.

In other words, the brand demotes itself from being part of a captivating story to shouting over it; don't trust us, we paid to be here.

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