Monday, April 14, 2014

AT&T Should Rethink Something Else

AT&T, rethinking its marketing strategy, began its move away from its "Rethink Possible" campaign last week in favor of a campaign which proclaims that it's "Mobilizing your World."

According to Esther Lee, AT&T's senior vice president of brand marketing, advertising and sponsorship, the new position will better convey that AT&T is at the forefront of the "mobile revolution," adding that "it's not just about making a phone call" anymore.  The brand managed to not fully convey its innovation position despite spending $3.4 billion on advertising the last two years.    

Interestingly, almost four years ago to the day, Ms. Lee was quoted in AdAge before the launch of the all-encompassing "Rethink Possible" campaign, which see said would position the brand as "innovators" beyond telecommunications, saying "there's so much innovation at the company that I think people don't know."

Apparently, that innovation isn't in the marketing department. Despite purchasing the ubiquitous amount of advertising that a billion dollars can buy, the company just admitted that it's strategy didn't work.  Somehow consumers weren't able to make the leap to ever-present innovators from an ambiguous position like "Rethink Possible."

Four years later, consumers can concluded nothing more from the "Mobilizing your World" position.  It's the same empty rhetoric that failed at fulfilling the brand's hopes and dreams of being seen as innovators of innovating anything on planet Earth.

Unlike AT&T, I'll be explicit; rethink this one too.

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