Monday, January 20, 2014

A Slogan For Everything You Want To Be

Visa is no longer satisfied with being the card that's everywhere you want to be.

According to an article in the New York Times, the iconic credit card brand, positioned as the card accepted at most places using the slogan "it's everywhere you want to be" is resurrecting their faithful tagline - well, sort of.  In partnership with advertising agency BBDO, Visa is now only "everywhere you want to be."  Executives say that dropping the word "it's" from the tagline will help Visa expand its brand meaning beyond consumer credit cards, into areas such as mobile payments for merchants. 

The problem is that "it's" still Visa, right?  In order for a brand to differentiate itself from a competitor or even its own past, it must actually say (and do) something different.  Simply dropping the word "it's" from the tagline won't make anyone forgot who it is and what they're known for.  On a positive note, Visa's newly slimmed down slogan is so similar that it won't destroy their strong consumer brand identity like it would with a with a far more vague and meaningless pitch.     

However, this case is a perfect example of marketers treating marketing as some type of magic pill, attempting to brand multiple meanings to a single name.  Even for a brand as rich and famous as Visa, this doesn't work.

It's already been branded.  

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