Monday, December 30, 2013

Subway's Simplfied Advertising Proves Successful

Over the weekend, I was struck by Subway's latest advertisement, which was pitching the all new Big Hot Pastrami sandwich.  What's interesting about the Big Hot Pastrami ad is that it's essentially a carbon copy of Subway's avocado advertisement from the summer of this year.  But Subway has an excellent reason for undervaluing creativity and repetitively going back to the same well - they know it works.    

In both ads, Subway's recipe for success is simple - have a purpose and be very clear about it.  In each ad, the viewer knows what's being advertised within the first five seconds of the commercial.  They don't waste time telling a convoluted story or setting up failed punchlines.  And the goal of each ad never strays from telling the viewer a factual statement about what's new at Subway.  

I think its safe to say that neither Subway ad will win big at Cannes or find itself memorialized on the end-of-year best lists; however, Subway provides strong evidence of the greater value in clarity and purpose over creativity and hype. 

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