Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Importance of Product Extremism

I have a small confession to make - I spent more than five hours of this past week shopping for the perfect pair of boots.  Actually, I couldn't afford the perfect pair.  Thus, my crusade became finding a pair that was most similar to these beauties in every way except for the price tag.

I looked over hundreds of pairs of boots, dissecting every detail trying to find a similarities in color, style, materials, product origin, sole, lining, stitching and laces.  Even the most mundane detail would often become a deal breaker.  In case you're curious, I was finally able to settle on this lovely pair.     

Shopping for five hours for a single pair of boots might sound completely crazy, but if you're a marketer, you should love this person.  When even the most miniscule detail can be incredibly important, every detail is another opportunity to differentiate yourself.  Secondly, they're enthusiastic about the product, so consequently, they'll wind talking about you.  

Build your product and your brand with this extremist in mind.  This will prevent you from becoming average.

Not-So-Subtle Hint: If you (or your team) are not product extremists, then you actually have a serious problem.

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