Monday, November 4, 2013

Is Belvedere Vodka Selling With a Fake ID?

Belvedere Vodka, the premium Polish vodka brand recently launched a new advertising campaign focusing on the brand's heritage.  Belvedere's pitch is that it's made with the finest rye, distilled four times according to a 600-year-old Polish tradition.”

I became immediately curious about the Belvedere's heritage positioning because the brand, at least to me, felt new.

As it turns out, Belvedere vodka isn't even of legal drinking age yet.  According to its wikipedia page, production of Belvedere began in 1993 and, three years later, was introduced in the United States.  It's the recipe that's six century's old; not the brand itself.

But by putting this figure in it's ads, are they trying to obfuscate how long they have been part of that Polish tradition?  A twenty-year heritage definitely doesn't sound as storied as an attention-grabbing 600-year heritage.    

According to an article in AdAge, Charles Gibb, the President of the Belvedere brand, explains that young millennials desire authenticity and "a deeper understanding" of the products that they choose to consume.  And as the article outlines, Belvedere certainly isn't the only brand of spirit trying to capitalize on this intelligence.  

Obviously, nothing would be less authentic than fudging your age by 580 years.  Could Belvedere develop it's heritage-based marketing position without this grand number?  I believe they could.

Vodka is still a major part of the Polish heritage today.  In fact, it's taken so seriously that to be considered Polish vodka, by law, it must be distilled in Poland, must with polish ingredients and have no supplements other than water.  Belvedere is made with Dankowskie Gold Rye from the central region of Poland and water from its own wells.  Belvedere is pure vodka. It has no other choice but to be.    

Sure, 600-year tradition grabs attention.  But if millennials are looking for a "deeper understanding" of brand before they endorse them, perhaps the latest Belvedere campaign could have been as pure as it's vodka.

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