Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will Its New Strategy Keep Glad Fresh?

Glad, a leading brand in food storage and protection, is launching a new marketing campaign to fight food waste.  The "Love Food More, Waste It Less" campaign reminds consumers that 25 percent of all food purchased goes to waste, a fact that lends itself nicely to the Glad brand. Obviously, if food can stay fresher, longer, then it has more time to be eaten.  

The centerpiece of the Glad campaign is an online pledge called Save It Sunday.  Sunday is a metaphor of sorts for the rare occasions that busy families will sit down to a home cooked meal together. Afterward, any leftover food is preserved in a handy Glad container.

There is no doubt that Glad makes a really useful product.  But I wonder if this campaign will do their product justice.  Is "fighting food waste" the strongest position glad can take for their brand?  Do consumers care enough about this ideal that they will turn to Glad?  I think the missing piece of this campaign is how the macro-concept of "food waste" affects the individual consumer.

Glad's new campaign could become really strong if they put a dollar figure on how much the average consumer (or family) spends on food that they don't eat.  Glad could hammer home their position with an advertisement where a mother dumps out large stacks of cash from a Glad garbage bag onto a kitchen table.  They could supplement this visual with an online calculator that consumers could use to figure out their own dinner-table opportunity costs and then urge them sign and share the pledge.   

Furthermore, I wonder if the "Save It Sunday" campaign could tied back to the Glad brand better than it currently is.  Glad has always positioned itself around the idea of food freshness; but "Save It Sunday" truly lends itself to the concept of convenience, not freshness.

By saving it with Glad on Sunday, your next meal is ready-and-waiting for you; wherever and whenever you may choose to eat it.  It's a perfect fit for our too busy, out-of-time, on-the-go lives.   

If it's homemade and convenient, Glad was the missing ingredient.

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