Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dodge Leaves Itself In The Dust

Adweek described the new Dodge Durango ad campaign featuring Will Farrell in his beloved Ron Burgundy character as "hilariously stupid."  Then they said it was "destined for greatness."

I have no doubt that the Dodge ads will be a viral hit.  It will be seen by tens of millions of people over the next few weeks and our favorite degenerate anchorman will incite lots of laughs.

It's a really great advertisement...if you're selling tickets to an Anchorman sequel.  But if you're Dodge, it's a different story.  Nothing about a car resonates from the message specifically designed to sell them; rather, it's the antics of the anchorman that steal the show.

And that's a "hilariously stupid" way to advertise your brand.     

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