Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This Jolly Green Giant Should Hold The Punchline

In its latest advertisement, Green Giant goes 'X-Rated' to sell everyone the obvious story that eating vegetables is healthy.

Green Giant is trying to be funny and appeal to a younger crowd, yet, they come off completely inauthentic.

Seeing ads like this makes me leery that a lot of marketers don't believe in marketing.  Advertising isn't effective just because it's seen by lots of people; what makes it effective is that it says something meaningful and in a clear way.

Your punchline doesn't make your brand more appealing; it just makes it look like you have nothing important to say.

As for Green Giant, they settled on the idea that eating vegetables is healthy.  Who didn't know that already?  In addition, that's not a unique position to their brand. Lots of other people sell vegetables.

A more unique and meaningful claim would have been that frozen vegetables actually have more nutrients than fresh ones - which begin losing nutrients once they're picked.    

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