Saturday, September 7, 2013

Okay, Prove It

I saw this message from Hot Head Burrito on a billboard.  

On a positive note, their message is simple and easily consumable by an audience driving along the highway.

However, the marketing position they take is as bland as can be.  As a small, underdog burrito chain, their words aren't received with the intuitive credibility of a category leader, which in this case, is Chipotle.  Therefore, it's even more important for this challenger brand to substantiate their position with facts. Obviously, which burrito has "more flavor" is a matter of pure opinion.   

And yet, they somehow guarantee it.  According to their website, if "you don't love it, we will replace it for free."  It's weak marketing and the very reason why money back guarantees don't convey confidence in a product.  They actually say, "we're not sure."

I've never eaten a Hot Head burrito, but after 10 seconds on their website, the solution to their positioning problem and the answer to why Hot Head burritos have more flavor was obvious.  It's all in the sauces.  Unlike Chipotle, Hot Head offers customers 13 different sauces for their burritos and bowls.

Thirteen varieties of sauce is a real fact working in their favor.  Thus, they should pour it on their marketing campaign.

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