Monday, August 19, 2013

Marketers Should Look In A Mirror

If you happen to be one of the 425 million people that use Gmail for your email service, then you have probably seen the new layout that Google unveiled in April. A cool, user-friendly feature of this new version is that Google filters out promotional messages into a separate inbox or tab.

Of course, that has upset a lot of marketers who rely on the marketing pillars of interrupting and spamming consumers.  Sadly, instead of seeing this as a call to change, many marketers are ignoring this not-so-subtle hint about the value these messages deliver to consumers and scrambling to be welcomed back into consumers primary inboxes.  

Also, it's impossible to not to see the humor in these marketers getting ad at Google for adding to the "noise" with their own ads to this new inbox. 

The answer is simple but is definitely not as easy; it's to give and be something that consumers desire.  Will people ask for it, will they share it with friends and will they miss it if it's suddenly gone?

There will be no complaints from the marketers who treat those ideals as the pillars of their marketing plans. The system still works just fine. 

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