Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anticipating Customer Service Hiccups

One advantage of shopping online is that they're no pushy sales people; customers can endlessly browse a store's inventory at their own pace and never feel an once of pressure. 

However, a major drawback to this is that when an online shopper does require help, eCommerce sites cannot react.

The best ecommerce sites are built to anticipate these customer service pitfalls. does this really well.  At the Tie Bar, rather than just a picture of the tie or a model wearing it, they've added settings to help customers match the item with their clothes.         

Match to Shirts and Suits

Blue Shirt and Navy Suit
This addition transforms the customer experience by removing potential guesswork and allowing customers to get the look they want and their purchase right the first time.

Australian clothing designer BlackMilk, known for its wild prints, expands on this customer-friendly eCommerce concept by allowing customers to upload photos of themselves wearing their purchase an and adding the photos to the product page.

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