Sunday, June 30, 2013

Total Recall

It's never good publicity for a company when a high profile employee (and football players definitely qualify as high profile) is charged with murder.  But that's the crisis that the New England Patriots and the National Football League currently find themselves fighting.  

The Patriots deservedly earned some praise for announcing that this weekend, July 6-7, they will accept all no. 81 Aaron Hernandez jerseys in exchange for a new jersey of a different Patriots player. 

This is a great first step toward repairing the damage done.  But I wonder if a two day exchange period is long enough.  A longer exchange window will do two things; it will lengthen the period of goodwill and it will get more negative advertising off the streets.  In the long run, it will be less expensive and will also make for a less taxing weekend. 


Austin Lutz said...

I agree that this is the best thing the New England Patriots can do and as you mentioned the timing of this is very interesting. On top of only limiting this offer to a 2 day weekend it is the 4th of July Holiday weekend. Many people will no doubt take Friday off work and enjoy a 4 day weekend. Which makes me ask if they choose a holiday weekend to limit their liability and exposure to this deal as many people will be out of town or very busy. So I would have offered this deal through the middle of next week to accommodate people with different schedules and vacation plans.

Alexander Villeneuve said...

You bring up a great point with the hectic holiday weekend. I think the Patriots and NFL should want those jerseys back so bad that they would be more than accommodating.