Monday, June 10, 2013

Skeptical About DiGiorno's Strategy

It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno's.

That simple but effective tagline has been hammered into our brains for almost 20 years.  The message is that DiGiorno frozen pizza is the premium pizza in the frozen food aisle.  It's so good that one might mistake it for a pizza from an actual pizzeria.

But despite DiGionro's insistence on selling frozen pizza with a strong resemblance to the pies cooked up at pizzerias, this new DiGiorno advertisement is for a supposedly even more premium line of frozen pizza, aiming to convince "skeptics" of that resemblance with a "crispier and preservative-free crust" as well as a new sauce.

However, I wonder if this extension is essentially an admission that the original DiGiorno product is antiquated.  Why keep it around when it's not the closest thing to delivery that a consumer will find in the frozen food aisle?

It's a classic example of a brand trying to offer something to satisfy everyone.  Nevertheless, the more they employ this strategy, the more the brand's meaning will evolve from premium frozen pizza to just plain frozen.

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