Thursday, April 11, 2013

Conveniently Misplaced?

On a recent shopping trip to Target, I strolled down an empty aisle tucked in a corner of the store near the pharmacy.  On display in the aisle was a wall of baskets filled with travel-sized necessities like soaps, lotions and toothpastes.

Actually, it's incorrect to call these necessities; they're really conveniences, as these items are specifically made and marketed as a convenient alternative for people temporarily living life out a suitcase.

However, with convenience in their DNA, this outpost feels underwhelming.  It's similar to placing the grocery store impulse buys like gum and candy in the back of the store next to the milk.  Whereas in that case, shoppers are more likely to glide right past the impulse buys, in this case, consumers must plan ahead if these these items are to end up in their luggage.    

Could Target benefit from selling these convenience items in a way that better fits with their identity?  This wall could certainly generate a crowd of bored passengers in an airport; however, the price of real estate in airports might present itself too high a hurdle.  Or perhaps consumers could purchase them online in conjunction with making their hotel reservations. Then, replacing the limited selection of hotel generics, you're items would be waiting for you in the room.

Feel free to contribute your own thought-starters for distributing these travel items with the convenience to fit  As always, thanks for enjoying. 

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