Friday, March 8, 2013

Reading Between Kindle's Lines

If you haven't seen it, the latest advertisement for the Kindle eReader also offers Amazon's corporate stance on the issue of gay marriage.  While portraying the everyday scenario of a same-sex couple on the beach, Amazon specifically chooses to use the term husband, leaving no room for ambiguity to viewers their stance on the issue of gay marriage.   

I don't have any problem with Amazon offering its opinion on the gay marriage issue nor do I have a problem with what that opinion is.  However, the issue I take with this ad is that Amazon's commercial statement is truly an afterthought compared to the social one it makes.  While the Kindle is lightly positioned against the iPad as being easier to read, that fact is glossed over to get to the plot twist at the end. 

Kindle's unique advantage over the iPad is that it's made reading, not computing.  The Paperwhite, which is a great name, won't reflect light back into your eyes, even on the sunniest of beaches.   The ultimately advantage being that the Kindle won't strain your eyes like a iPad or traditional computer screen.  In addition, not much is made of Kindle's portability advantage compared to full-size tablets.  

Despite the use of a pure marketing medium (television ad), the Kindle's marketing position is buried under a cultural/political one.  Therefore, regardless of how valid its cause may be and the instant awareness it's likely to generate, I don't believe this particular ad is effective as it doesn't do enough to position itself against the iPad.

I'm interested in hearing your take on the effectiveness of Amazon's latest Kindle ad?  Please note that any attempts to simply spew hatred won't ever be published on this blog, so save your keystrokes.  As always, thanks for reading.  

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