Thursday, March 14, 2013

Remember That It's Still Marketing

Earlier today, I came across this advertisement from an employment agency

Interestingly, the ad begins by saying "You will be wasting your time if you don't read the skills required for this post and update your resume accordingly."

If the ad's less-than-gracious introduction doesn't get you excited to work for this person (actually, unbelievably an agency published it, so it's their client) than the impossibly long block of text to shift through should definitely reel you in.  In fact, the crummy layout builds a small barrier to finding said required skills, basically implying that the candidate's time isn't as valuable as the agency.

Although the layout is awful, I find the tone of the copy most concerning because I know this employer isn't the only making this mistake.  If you have ever looked wasteland that is job postings on Craigslist, you know that a library of similarly abrasive posts from small independents could be aggregated in a matter of hours.

I'm certainly aware of the fact that jobs today are scarce; employers get flooded with applicants for a single job and thus the vetting process can be time consuming.  Nevertheless, for potential candidates who may know nothing else about your company, the qualifying process is a two-way street that begins with a job posting.  They too are judging the employer and a curt tone of voice makes an ugly first impression which should raise a red flag.

Obviously, recruiting the right people is the first step to building any successful organization.  Despite the fact that many organizations looking to fill their ranks with the best of the best don't even consider active candidates responding to ads, for those that do, this is no way to play catch up.

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