Thursday, March 21, 2013

Imagining Different Advertising For Stella Artois

I really like the Stella Artois brand. I personally enjoy the drink and, as a marketer, I really admire how Stella imputes its premium brand on all parts of the experience.  For instance, a Stella is supposed to be served in a special chalice, which has become a strong symbol for the brand.  In fact, the chalice is such a strong symbol, that it's the focus of their current ad campaign.  In the ads, the signature chalice gets plenty of camera time while a complimenting narrator utters a single line; "if this much care goes into the chalice, imagine what goes into the beer."

Immediately, I wondered why Stella Artois was leaving anything to the viewers' imaginations.  Instead of explaining the care that goes into creating the chalice, Stella should explain to consumers the care that goes into creating the beer.  Then reinforce these advantages with stuff like special chalices and the proper technique used to cut the head off the beer.

Compare the Stella Artois ad with a couple Sam Adams commercials.  Here is a commercial that magnificently demonstrates the quality of their ingredients.  And here's another. And this ad provides specific examples of the how Sam Adams protects the product until its ready to drink.

In their ads, the Boston Beer Company left nothing to the viewers' imaginations.  Stella Artois should have done the same.

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