Friday, February 1, 2013

Insincere Subway Keeps Running FebruANY

FebruANY, the hyped month-long promotion of Subway restaurants that serves up regular footlong sandwiches for only $5, is no more.  This February, according to the FebruANY promotional webpage, the $5 rule no longer applies to its Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, Roast Beef and Steak & Cheese.  However, this apparent technicality isn't going to interfere with Subway pumping up their promotion with the disingenuous FebruANY trademark.

It's easy to see why Subway would attempt such sleight of marketing hand.  They're obviously concerned consumers won't salivate for a FebruMANY when they've been trained on FebruANY the past few years.

Subway's reluctance to let go of $5 footlongs does keep with the industry trend of fast food marketers having trouble ditching their dollar menus.  Last month, Wendy's announced that its 99-cent value menu was becoming the "right price, right size" menu because, go figure, each item was no longer 99 cents.   

But after Subway's response to a recent international inquiry into their 11 inch "footlong" subs, nobody should be surprised that Subway would stick with their FebruANY name, regardless of how insincere it is, because, apparently that too is a trademark of the Subway brand.

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