Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mercedes Ad Stalls On Strategy

As was often the case in the past, I typically favor keeping Super Bowl ads under lock and key until the big game.  However, in this case, Mercedes-Benz might be grateful it previewed their Super Bowl ad to the public this year, because based on its reaction, they might reconsider leaving it in the garage for the biggest audience the year.  

Yet, watching it this afternoon, that should have been obvious.  The ad is many things: cliche, tacky, simple-minded, uncompelling.  Each one in and of itself would be a valid reason to have left this one on the cutting room floor.  Moreover, the best reason would be that the Kate Upton spot is so incredibly off-brand for being a Benz.

While Mercedes Benz does in fact sell cars, a desire for transportation isn't the reason to own one.  Rather, a desire of status, above all else, is the reason people opt for a Mercedes Benz.

There's nothing about this ad that appeals to a one's desire for status.  Further, it doesn't even allude to Mercedes Benz strong secondary perception of having superior performance.

For Mercedes Benz, it's simply a lemon-of-an-ad.  Unfortunately, the spotlight of the Super Bowl can have that effect on marketers who too often showcase everything but a strategy.

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