Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If Starbucks Can Do It...

Howard Schultz took people by surprise today when he directed Starbucks' employees in all 120 District of Columbia area shops to write "come together" on the customers' coffee cups.  The message is a statement directed at the politicians in Washington, urging them to fix the pending series of tax increases commonly being referred to as the "fiscal cliff."

Although most people are focusing on Starbucks rightfully poking our political leaders who seemingly cannot bring themselves to work together anymore, I see a great marketing opportunity being missed.  

For the next two days, Starbucks is mandating employees to write a hand-written message to customers, most of whom are not Congressmen.  Still, there is great power in the hand-written message.  I think more brands should empower their employees to hand write messages to the customers they serve.  It does have an effect; I will never forget when a Chiptole worker drawing a :) on the container.  

If the product inside the package is personalized, then why not allow the person responsible for making it so to add their own special touch to the package?

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