Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free Stuff

I just want to share a couple loyalty marketing tactics that I've run into this week.  The first one is from the beloved Cincinnati staple food, Skyline Chili.  Upon purchasing a gift card for a someone, a friend of mine told me that the restaurant gifted him with certificates for two free chili 3-ways.  What better way to get that customer back into the store or help them give an even better gift. 

The second is at my local Kroger deli.  Even though I always order the same exact turkey, in the same exact amount and cut exactly the same way,  they still offer me a free sample every time.  That free sample is just one of those little things that doesn't go unnoticed by its customers. 

Little gestures like these matter a lot to a brand that's also selling something intangible.  

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