Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Couple Bites From The Apple Brand

There have been a couple of new ads from Apple that I have really liked a lot recently.  The first is in the latest editions of Time Magazine and The New Yorker and is promoting the new iPad mini.  Obviously, the ad's message is about the convenience that a miniature iPad can offer.

Until I saw this ad, I had questions about the strategy behind Apple introducing a smaller iPad that would certainly cannibalize sales of the original.  After seeing it, I realized that the original might just be too big, especially if the consumer is primarily using it as a way to view content.  Unlike its predecessor, the iPad Mini is much easier to carry, will fit better into crowded purses and is easier to hold and use in crowded places like subways.

The second spot I enjoyed was Apple's "Orchestra," which is promoting the background noise canceling feature on the iPhone 5.  I remember hearing a lot of negative buzz about the newest features when the iPhone 5 was first introduced.  One that particularly stands out is the relocation of the headphone jack from the top of the phone to the bottom.  With all the criticism the latest iPhone model received, I was surprised that Apple didn't run this type of ad earlier.  Even though the phone function seems secondary to many iPhone users, in my opinion, this feature seems to live up to the innovation standards that Apple has set for itself.  Naturally, I won't be surprised when it appears on all the latest smartphones next year.



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