Friday, October 12, 2012

Groupon's Business Model Illustrated

In my last post, I expressed my dismay over Pizza Hut's challenge to consumers to interrupt the next Presidential debate with a pointless question for the candidates about pizza.  It's an awful publicity stunt that's somehow receiving acclaim within the industry.

However, if marketers work their message into this election season, they should take their cue from these brands who are going about it in the right way.  I love the idea by Busken Bakery, to sell candidate cookies and keep a tally of the more popular cookie.  That's a great promotion.

Secondly, this week the editors of approached me about the a topic I've been covering on here - why daily deals websites like Groupon don't work.  They've put together and shared a great illustration that explains how their business model erodes it's client base. 

I'm glad they did so.  First of all, their site features nice blog and video blog full of helpful personal financial tips.  Secondly, it was great marketing by them.  They clearly didn't spam every blogger on the internet, instead approaching only those to whom the topic was relevant.  Next, I was asked for my input and if I would share it on my site. Shout out to Allison at and thank you for sharing. 


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