Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pizza Hut Follow Up + Loose Ends

Pizza Hut has cancelled its upcoming Presidential debate promotional stunt.  Contrary to popular belief, all publicity is not good publicity.  The criticism they faced didn't amplify or enrich it's marketing position.

After rolling out dozens of new products, now Burger King is asking agencies to develop a brand position to replace the "Have It Your Way" mantra that helped it gain the number two spot.  What is Burger King?  The strategic plan should have been step one in my opinion.

Although I don't carry a Discover card or have ever had to call them, I know consumer loyalty to the brand is high.  Although good customer Service is a tough thing to convince people of,  I think the the "Peggy" ads, which satire painful situations all consumers can empathize with, do a great job at doing so. 

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