Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thank You Cards

As a brand new customer, I recently purchased an eye exam and new contact lenses from a local optometrist.  My experience was easy, convenient, the employees were friendly and overall I was very satisfied.  Having done everything right, I even received a card from them in the mail a couple of days after I received my lenses. 

Thank you cards are a great but much under-utilized marketing tool.  They're a sincere way for marketers to follow up after a sale - a very critical point in the transaction.  Additionally, thank you cards are so under utilized that the marketers who do employ this tactic, are remembered well. 

However, the card I received from the optometrist didn't take full advantage of the tactic.  The card was handwritten - a great touch - but the squiggle-mark signature makes it impossible to decipher who sent the card.  Also, the card doesn't take to opportunity ask about the product I purchased or what I thought of the service but simply says "thank you for choosing Wing."  I was immediately struck by how little is written on the card that I got the impression that it was rushed. 

Marketers - or anyone for that matter - cannot haphazardly go the extra mile.  The impression you're hoping for won't be the one leave.

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