Sunday, September 2, 2012

No Girls Allowed

Word from the popular toy brand Lego is that they will start producing Lego's for girls.

If Lego can get little girls to play with Lego's, then their potential market doubles.  However, if little boys see girls playing with them, will they still want to play with them?

I'm not so sure.  That's because the children's toy category is perhaps the best example of strong product and attribute focus of any category - and most toys have and will continue to reinforce the traditional roles of boys and girls.  Many are upset that Lego is doing the same thing most toy companies have done for generations.     

In the short-term, this classic line extension strategy from Lego that looks like a win - the move is credited with a 24 percent increase in revenue.  But make no mistake that this new piece to the Lego brand could drastically alter its strong foundation.

Splitting your demographic, especially in the highly-focused children's toy category, is a very difficult thing to ask of your brand.  

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