Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Work In Progress

The key word of course, is progress.

A few months ago I shared some initial t-shirt prototypes that I was working on.  The focus of the line is hometown pride.  However, unlike many of the styles that share this concept, the line I've been working on takes a different approach.  Rather than many dramatic designs printed onto a shirt, the line I am working on downplays the design for a retro looking shirt.  But these shirts are anything but simple. The embellishments are individually cut and sewn by hand, which is a very unique style as compared to the vast amounts of screen printed t-shirts that can be found almost anywhere. 

Several months after I began working on this project, I would like to again share my progress.  I have four working designs that I am beginning with.  While I already know I will be making changes to them (they're working), I am offering them for sale online on the website Etsy.  Even the name of the line is a working title.    

That's how these things go.  However, since my shirts are a work in progress, I've decided to offer these early models at a discounted price of $28 because delivering is critical to keeping any project alive. 

Be one of the first to represent your hometown with this look.  Or you can help by being a critical person to future success of this project by sending your feedback or sharing with your friends.

As always, thanks for reading and keep on grindin'  

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