Monday, July 30, 2012

A Less Respected Profession

Advertising isn't exactly known as being the most respected profession in the world.  However, one professional that often trumps advertisers for the "less deserving of respect" award would have to be politicians.

Political campaigns are even more notorious for distributing their own selective brand of the truth to the masses.  But regardless of which brand of the truth you subscribe to, it's unanimous that the high-road isn't exactly the one most traveled along the campaign trail.

So imagine my surprise when I read that both Presidential candidates vowed to tone down their campaigns in Colorado following the mass-shootings in Aurora.  Obviously, it shouldn't take twelve dead for this to happen.         

Advertising with class and dignity should be the rule and not selectively reserved for times of mourning.  Candidates should have the same respect for the voting public and even their opponent as they do citizens who are grieving a loss. 

That's the level of respectability we should demand from our leaders; some might even call it Presidential.

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