Saturday, May 5, 2012

Speaking Of Artisan...

The message to customers in new Domino's artisan pizza commercials is a odd one.  Basically, it says "no, you cannot add your favorite toppings to this pizza."  It's as if this ad could be a window into the minds of Domino's employees, who are exhausted from having to regularly reply, "sorry, but you cannot change this pizza." They're done repeating themselves and this is the solution. 

The straightforward approach of telling customers what Domino's cannot do for them might be celebrated by Domino's order takers; however, their is a better way to tactically position this pie.  I think it would go something like - Domino's Artisan Pizza: there can be no such thing as better than perfection.

However, the outbursts by Domino's customers should be a clear sign to Domino's marketers have completely lost touch with the Domino's brand.  It's no secret that Domino's isn't exactly the California Pizza Kitchen.  They serve average pizzas at a better than average speed and for a low price.  Say Domino's and I'd guess most people would picture a dorm room floor before they think dining room table.

So please excuse the customer, who for the past fifty-two years has been conditioned to tell Domino's what they want on their pizza, because they didn't realize they had called Le Domino's.

I have maintained for more than two years that much heralded "Domino's Pizza Turnaround" was a bad from the start.  Associate Domino's with great taste?  Sorry, it just doesn't fit; especially when your selling a pizza for less than $10.   And now "artisan" for less than $10?

Since the renaissance began at Le Domino's, the messages have been as varied as the pizzas they serve.  Now, finally, the customer's confusion and reaction to the introduction of an artisan pizza is a clear sign that they don't know what Domino's is either.

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