Sunday, May 13, 2012

Not Content

If you are a regular reader of this, you know that I am a frequent reader of Advertising Age, which I site as a source for many of the topics that I discuss.  This week, when I clicked on to read the online edition, I noticed a new section the website's front page with the title "From Around The Web."  This section features articles published by outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.      

But does this new element to AdAge diminish their brand name at all?  Sharing content with other sources, trusted or not, is a another step toward toward the commoditization of the brand name at the top of the page.  It's an admission to the reader that what they're offering is becoming generic and thus the value added by the brand is lessened.  

This content sharing approach obviously caters to the way people interact on the internet but what will the consequence be for the brand names of these outlets long term?  Will the source of information not matter to the reader?  To a large degree, I think it already doesn't.

Which is terrible news if it's your job is to report it.

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