Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16, 2012

April 16 is the day I was born. So yesterday, in the midst of all my birthday hoopla and the special attention from family and friends that I was feeling, I stumbled upon thinking how Facebook has left a big imprint on our special day.

The broadcasting of a birthday to social network always seems to glean well wishes from those we don't hear from nearly enough - which makes the day even more special.

Obviously, everyday cannot be our birthday. We cannot always be at the center of our networks' attention.

However, that's exactly the social media strategy that many brands are trying to execute. They believe (or were sold on the belief) that the attention they receive directly relates to their revenue.

Even if this concept were to be true (and it's at best not that simple), the problem brands face is that our attention is fleeting - which maybe especially true when it's highly sought after. People just go away and tune you out.

And they won't be back for the birthday next year.

Bonus thought: Attention won't do anything for your brand because it needs fame to survive.

Double Bonus Thought: I'd like to thank all those who make each passing year so special - I am truly grateful.

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