Monday, February 13, 2012

Habits Change, Brands Shouldn't

Ten years ago I was in high school. With paycheck from the grocery store, I spent most of my earnings on trips to the mall with my friends, my first car and saving for college.

Five years ago as a collegiate, money was spent on tuition payments, books, beer runs, laundry machines, rent for landlord and more Chiptole than I care to remember.

At 26 years old, its become furniture, gym memberships, a work wardrobe and an Individual Retirement Account. For some it might be diamond engagement rings, mortgage payments and babies.

The point is that purchasing habits change for everyone. There is nothing a marketer can or even should try to do about this fact. Yet, many brands often adopt a customer for a lifetime creed even though their need for anything from that category is likely temporary.

Rather than having a customer for life philosophy, marketers should guide their brands to just borrow customers for a while. Doing so will help them stay focused on a target demographic and avoiding reaching to become a ineffective one-size-fits-all brand.

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