Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DirecTV Is Here To Entertain

The new DirecTV television advertisements have been getting a lot of attention lately. There story delivers the off-beat message of "Don't End Up In a Roadside Ditch." It's both funny and entertaining so naturally, the advertisement has people talking, making parodies and bringing DirecTV a lot of attention in the process. But does get people buying satellite subscriptions?

Despite being the catalyst for conversation, the advertisements fail to actually sell DirecTV. The ads quickly compare DirecTV services to cable but quickly diverge into a loaded nonsensical story. After an initial comparison to cable, the story transitions multiple times with "When You...," and every it does it moves the viewer further and further away from the actual purpose of the ad- to compare DirecTV to cable. If the viewer happens to not get lost in the layers of story, the message the ad ends up delivering is that if you don't use DirecTV, bad things will happen to you. It's a funny premise but is obviously an untrue one.

So I ask again, how does positioning the brand with a fictional proposition help DirecTV sell subscriptions?

Unfortunately, this misguided thinking is widespread in the industry and frequently heralded as great work. The advertising industry would be well served by reconsidering their approach, particularly as it prepares to laugh away millions of dollars of clients' money on superbly entertaining but horribly executed Super Bowl advertisements.

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HanSolo2469 said...

When you look at the facts; DirecTV can’t even compete with what DISH offers. We can start with the prices, DISH has the lowest everyday price in the industry. Now DirecTV might have deals and specials for a short amount of time that match, or even beat the DISH price, but they make that money back during the required commitment that you’re supposed to stay with them. It just makes a ton more sense to me to stay with DISH, I might be biased since I work there, but looking at the facts and it just makes more sense.