Monday, December 26, 2011

Weight Watchers Follow Up

Eight months ago, I wrote that Weight Watchers was making a mistake in its marketing strategy by extending it's brand to include diet plans for men. I felt (and still do) that in order to be successful marketing to this new demographic, Weight Watchers needed a different product and most importantly a different brand name. Perhaps you remember that they chose the name, what else, Weight Watchers for Men.

Yesterday, I noticed that they made some changes to their male-targeted campaign. First, they simply dropped the "for men" from the title of the product. Secondly, went the way of Nutrisystem and added the celebrity endorsement element, selecting Charles Barkley. I guess he's no longer with Taco Bell?

It's a pretty drastic change from the original ad. These changes to the advertising represent a clear signal that the weight loss service is yo-yo'ing on how to reach their new male demographic. Although, the ads are very different, the new Weight Watchers strategy is basically the same - perhaps worse because they're using the same name. Therefore they will see the same results.

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