Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Broken Ad: eBay

Did you detect the major shift in strategy at eBay in their latest round of advertisements? The commercials depict people using eBay to buy all the run-of-the-mill items that they can find at the mall. Whether it's a tablet computer or a new pair of jeans, eBay is the last place anyone will go for these items because of their reputation as an auction site.

These new advertisements abandon the auction-style attribute of the brand and instead push a anti-auction position of "Buy It New. Buy It Now." Isn't that the position of most retailers?

eBay was positioned different. It's the first place to find the stuff you cannot find anywhere else.

Not anymore apparently.

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ndfSnow said...

too bad ebays branding has lead to most manufacturers not providing any warranty support for their products even if they are sold from a authorized dealer on the ebay website! hence the reason i don't buy new products on ebay ever