Saturday, December 17, 2011

Broken Ad: Chex Mix

Yesterday I saw an advertisement for the deliciously addicting snack Chex Mix. The advertisement features a guying using an empty potato chip bag labeled "boring" to hide his Chex Mix from everyone else at the party. The commercial closes with the tagline "Open a bag of interesting."

The final word "interesting" is key to the entire ad and I believe it's completely misused. Is the reason that the other people at the party desire this man's Chex Mix because the snack is simply more interesting than potato chips? I don't think so. So while interesting is actually the opposite of boring, it's not the right adjective to use to position Chex Mix.

At first I was unsure Chex Mix should even be positioned against potato chips. Chex Mix is a one-of-a-kind snack that leads its own salty snack subcategory. However, in order to keep Chex Mix successfully differentiated from potato chips it must consistently hammer the comparison home.

But in order to really do so I think the marketers of Chex Mix needed to take their point one step beyond just "interesting" and explain why. Is the consumer supposed to just believe Chex Mix is more interesting than potato chips (an obvious opinion) because a marketer told them so. I don't think so.

They need to back up their claim. To do so, focus on the key attribute differences that make Chex Mix a more interesting choice. The biggest difference is even in the product name. Unlike the monolithic taste of chips, Chex Mix has a variety of different flavors. Secondly, Chex Mix is eaten by the handful. Whereas chips are consumed one at a time.

Therefore, Chex Mix is the more interesting choice because its "six unique flavors in every handful that make for one delicious snack."

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