Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Broken Ad: Acura

The calender year is coming to a close and thus holiday shopping is in full swing. Although most don't don't immediately think of car shopping this time of year, car manufacturers are battling hard for your holiday dollar.

The car brand Acura has dubbed this the "Season of Reason" and their advertisements caution against "over-indulging" this season and call for customers to "over-save" this holiday season with a new Acura. Turns out that they left actual "reason" out of their advertisement because nothing says over-consumption like gifting a new car at Christmas time. Even if the car dealers are feeling extra jolly this season and one can save on a new Acura, they're more obvious and reasonable ways to over-save one's money.

I understand Acura is using satire, the ads represent poor execution of an even poorer strategy. For a brand with little relevance and differentiation, the ads do nothing but brand the cars with a pricetag.

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