Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alex's Weekly Brand Briefing

David Aakar talks about the real key to growth - creating new subcategories to make the competition irrelevant. He also recognizes the work of the late John Smale - a P&G executive with many influential contributions to their brand.

Jonathan Salem Baskin discusses what slashing prices on Black Friday does to a brand in his latest AdAge installment. I also recommend his opinion on marketing as "content curators."

I disagree with Brian Steinberg's take on Amazon. He argues that Amazon's focus on the new helps to sell the old. I really cannot see a focus at all and he even points out that most of their moves were made defensively, in response to competitors.

I recently received my answer to the question of how long before Domino's loses focus again. It was less than a month. They're introducing new a "Gourmet" cheesy bread.

Finally, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous Holiday Season, but try to go easy on the gourmet cheesy bread.

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